Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily
Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily
Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily
Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily
Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily
Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily
Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily
Fish Finders - Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily

Wireless Fish Finder - Find Fish Easily

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Find Fish Easily

Imagine yourself—sitting on a riverbank after you have cast a line and quietly waiting for the fish to grab your lure, a tedious task right? Speculation on whether you are above a fishing spot is now a thing of the past.

The advancing fishing technology makes it possible to see fishes lurking below deep waters, with this use of wireless fish finder.

What is Wireless Fish Finder?

Wireless Fish Finder is a device that uses SONAR( SOund Navigation And Ranging) system that propagates sound underwater to communicate and detect objects under the surface of the water.

High-frequency sound wave is transmitted to a certain depth then if the sound waves hit the objects, it bounces back to the receiver where it analyzes and displays the depth, location, and size of the object. This is the same principle that some animals use for echolocation like bats and dolphins.


  • Compact, item-size to fit in a tackle box, a gear bag, or in your pocket.
  • Display: TN/ANTI-UV LCD, 40 * 39mm backlight screen.
  • Depth readout from 2 to 130 feet(0.7-40 meters) in 1/10th precision.
  • Selectable between meter and feet readings.
  • The fish location indicated as the clear fish icon moves in every 5 seconds.
  • Multi-level fish depth indicator.
  • Adjustable low to high 5 sensitivity settings.
  • Controllable battery save mode and normal mode.
  • Auto power off delivers extended battery life.
  • Weed, rock, bottom contour detection.
  • 100 meters wireless operating range.
  • Audible fish alarm on/off. 
  • Backlit on/off.
  • Battery strength indicator.
  • Water repellent display device.
  • Floating sonar sensor with waterproof gasket.
  • Perfect addition for fishing enthusiasts.


This fish finder is the wireless version of our 100m wired fish finder, designed for amateur and professional fishermen and fishing enthusiast to find out the fish location (either in groups or not) in any particular area and to determine the depth of the water. With the latest advanced sonar detection technology, it can display the live update of the water bottom contour. It also detects and displays grasses, sands and rocks on the seabed.

With Rod andLine / Roach Pole. The Sensor has two holes built in the base which enables you to thread your line through securely. Once connected, cast the sensor into the water, to instantly scan the area below and not just the water directly beneath the unit then send updates to the handheld unit. Within seconds you will know the depth, fishing environment and if there are any fish.

Or With bait boats. You can either attach the sonar so that it is towed behind the boat or attached to an appropriate bracket on your boat. Either way, the sonar works exactly the same and will feed all the information back to your handheld unit.

Tips on How To Use Wireless Fish Finder

Make sure that you are using your fish finder with its specified limits and operating condition. Maximum and minimum depth, temperature and the connection it uses are things to consider to have the device operate to its optimum. 

With dozens of accuracy-orientated features, including a wireless sonar sensor, 5 selectable sensitivity settings adjusted in accordance with the clarity or depth of the water, fish alarm on/off, battery save on/off, battery strength indicator, fish depth indicator, bottom contour indicator, weed indicators, and fish location indicator, and so on, the wireless fish finder is guaranteed to unveil a prize catch. To utilize its value to full, simply attach the wireless sensor to the end of your fishing line and cast it into the water as your normal float or lure from the shoreline, dock bridge, or boat, then the instant depth, fish, weed, bottom contour reading are shown clearly.



  • Material: ABS
  • Language: English
  • Display: TN/ANTI-UV LCD
  • Screen size: 40 * 39mm / 1.6 * 1.5in(W * H)
  • Backlight: Green LED / White LED (Optional)
  • Measure unit: Meters / Feet
  • Power supply: 4 * AAA alkaline batteries (Not included)
  • Wireless sensor coverage: 90°beam angle
  • Sonar sensor power supply: 1 * 3V CR2032 button battery (Included)
  • Sonar frequency: 125KHZ
  • Depth range: Max. 130 feet (40 meters); Min. 2 feet (0.7 meters)
  • Operating temperature: -10~50℃ (14~122℉)
  • Storage temperature: -20~70℃ (-4~158℉)
  • Alarm: Set by users
  • Display device size: 120 * 65mm / 4.7 * 2.6in(W * H) 
  • Transducer size: 80 * 60mm / 3.1 * 2.4in (W * H)
  • Package size: 190 * 168 * 58mm / 7.5 * 6.6 * 2.3in
  • Package weight: 300g / 10.6oz


Package List:
1 * Wireless Sonar Sensor
1 * Fish Finder Display 
1 * Neck Strap
1 * User Manual (English)